Workshop Creators Needed!

Revamping servers like never before!

We are looking to revamp and stabilize the servers when it comes to mods. 
Currently we are jumping from mod to mod and using whatever works. Not only do we want to have a dedicated modpack that is balanced and made with the sole purpose of these servers, we want to make our servers a unique place which pushes the limits with Unturned. 
In the past we have commissioned Workshop creators to create mods here and there for the servers, but nothing on a scale like this. 

What we are looking for

The main type of creators we are looking for is Item/vehicle creators (modelling, animating importing etc), custom object creators along with map creators. We would also love to find someone with programming knowledge to collaborate with to create some truly unique assets!

The checklist currently looks something like this:

  • Custom, detailed apocalyptic themed map with custom objects
  • high poly, balanced weapons pack with spawntables that work on desired maps 
  • A unique set of vehicles that would partly require programming knowledge to create
  • Misc. items such as buildables, crafted items etc.
  • Detailed clothing assets
  • Custom animal and zombie models, animations and roaming paths


If you are a Workshop creator interested in working with us to make this possible, get in touch. Commission price offers will vary