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Staff Rules

Staff commands

kick- kicks a player
save- saves the server
unban- unbans a player
vanish- makes you invisible
spy- spy's on a player (press esc to view the spy)
wreck- destroys all or certain objects in a radius you define
warn- adds a warning to a player (3x warn= kick, 4x warn=temp ban)
warn(x4)- temporary bans someone
isgod- tells you if a player is in godmode
isvanish- tells you if a player is in vanishmode

How to use /wreck

to use the /wreck command you must structure it like this: "/wreck [filter] [radius]" "/wreck confirm"
For example, if I wanted to destroy everything around me in a 20 radius I would type "/wreck * 20" (without quotations)

There are a few different filters you can use:
b- Beds
t- Traps
d- Doors
c- Containers
y- Trophy Containers/Weapon Racks
l- Ladders
w- Walls / Windows
f- Floors
p- Pillars
r- Roofs / Holes
s- Stairs / Ramps
m- Freeform Buildables
n- Signs
g- Guards (Barricades / Fortifications)
o- Protections (Safe Zone Generator / Claim Flags)
i- Illumination (Fireplaces / Torches)
u- Industrial (Generators / Oil Derrick)
a- Agriculture (Planters / Crops)
D- Map Decorations
v- Vehicles (May potentially be buggy, use with caution.)
z- Zombies (May potentially be buggy, use with caution.)
!- Uncategorized (Everything else that isn’t in the id list in the plugin.)
*- Everything (Except zombies.)

Warn command and isabusing command

you can do /warn playername reason

This will give the player a warning. Warnings are noted down and saved by the server, once a player is given too many warnings the server will kick or ban them. (currently its 3 for a kick, 4 for a ban) so don't give these out lightly, a player has to have actually broken a rule. 
I've set the bans to last a few days, this is the perfect solution to the no temporary ban command. Now all moderators have the ability to temp ban someone.

You can do /isgod playername and /isvanish playername

This will tell you (and the server i think lol) if the player is in godmode or vanishmode. This will be very useful for catching abusive staff! 



(no need to fill out ban form anymore since mods can only give temp bans its not really necessary as the offenders will be unbanned withint a few days anyway. plus it was a stupid idea that involved too much hassle.)

more links n features n stuff coming soon boys;)