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Get even more into character with our available kits. Take on the role of a police officer, a bandit, a hitman and many more! Head over to the store section to learn more.

Premium servers

Our servers are running 24/7 on only the best hardware. Using SSD only machines and industry standard Intel Xeon processors, you can be sure these servers perform at the highest quality possible.

Community Decisions

The fate of UnturnedRoleplay is in your hands! Vote for what maps should be on the servers, donate to help open more servers and vote on features/plugins to be added to the servers.


The Ultimate Roleplay Experience

We are a website that owns many different unturned roleplaying servers. We offer the ultimate roleplay experience. Our servers maps and mods are influenced by what the community wants, take part in votes to request a map, mod or feature! The servers never get wiped so you can be sure to feel safe starting a serious adventure with us. We have many support features such as an admin appeal, a ban appeal, a report page and admins from all different time zones to help out with whatever your situation is. choose to be a bandit, a hero, be part of a clan or survive as a lone wolf. With airdrops, no KOS and many roleplaying kits available, visit the servers page to start your story!

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